When I travelled to Milan and Florence in Italy last year in March, I visited lots of museums, exhibitions, and tourist attractions. Yesterday, I watched a spectacular fashion show of Gucci Cruise 2018 in Florence. I have not checked Gucci’s What’s on. So, I was quite excited to watch the fashion show.

The designs are amazing. The harmony of colours and patterns of the clothes and accessories. Gucci has a really strong style, which suits any clothes. The place was at the Palatina Gallery at Pitti Palace in Florence. That was the reason why it was really familiar while I watched the show online.

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The jewellery has made the outfit of the style of Gucci luxurious and unique. I really like this fashion shows.


The Cannes Festival is amazingly famous as the biggest festival in the world personally.

It is defined in Wikipedia that The Cannes Festival, named until 2002 as the International Film Festival and known in English as the Cannes Film Festival, is an annual film festival held in Cannes, France, which previews new films of all genres, including documentaries, from all around the world. Founded in 1946, the invitation-only festival is held annually (usually in May) at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. Jaw-dropping statement necklaces were the accessory du jour on day one of the Cannes Film Festival as the stars stepped out in their red carpet jewellery.

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I was inspired by spectacular jewellery of most actors and actresses who attended the Cannes Festival. The jewellery made their outfit stand out and fancier. If they did not wear any jewellery, it might be a little bit simple and boring. However, as they wear their unique and splendid jewellery with colourful or classic dresses. The jewellery really works. Moreover, the jewellery is really vivid. For me, I prefer ‘Gothic’, which is that I normally design my own jewellery design achromatic colour but quite sophisticated. This article makes me think to make my jewellery design with various colours.

For the next year, I need to create my own jewellery for university with colour stones or different materials or metal with unique patination

Jewels from day one of the Cannes Film Festival

Jaw-dropping statement necklaces were the accessory du jour on day one of the Cannes Film Festival as the stars stepped out in their red carpet jewellery.






Personally, I am really keen on Vetements because of its ironic, comfortable, curious, surprising and powerful fashion designs. Demna Gvasalia is head designer of Vêtements (it literally means “clothes” in French). He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium where is that I want to study abroad in the future to broaden my horizon from different cultures and experience to communicate with the other foreign students. Demna Gvasalia is a versatile and really talented designer in the real world because he has led a youth cult, streetwear revolutionary, and current trend.

According to vetementswebsite, it shows FW17-18.

[Video, Veements FW17-18 on Youtube]

Surprise is crucial in fashion, especially when there is so much pressure on a new designer in an era when constant praise, social media visibility, and global sales have accelerated him from zero to warp speed—fame! followers! hiring at Balenciaga!—in the space of little more than three years. The trouble, in these compacted, constantly connected times, is that backlash, the critics, and the trolls can set in really quickly with who knows what damage to reputation and sales. So, surprise, change Gvasalia did. Fall 2017 was a different kind of reality show, embracing all types of people, from that Milanese lady to a German tourist with a plastic anorak to a European policewoman, the stereotypical bouncer, a United Nations soldier, and a couple of shaven-headed skinheads who may belong to the Gabber club.

Is this creativity as we know it? Yes, on a technical level. The generous, oversize outerwear has been constructed from two garments joined together at the hems and looped up over one another. Hence, the glam Milanesa was actually sporting two fur coats, which, Gvasalia hastened to note, were vintage and upcycled pieces. That’s a one-off, limited-edition item by nature, but the double-layering of more generic garments, like nylon blousons, has genuine cold-weather usefulness about it.

What will keep people talking longer is the satirical symbolism—bleakly realistic, angry, and hilarious by turns—which came embedded within Vetements’s collection. When the Commando in his camouflage turned his back, he had a United Nations peacekeeping symbol printed on his back: “He’s a soldier, but he’s a good boy! It’s not his fault!” The Nerd, wearing a double-layered flannel shirt and Barbour jacket, had a T-shirt printed with a takeaway pizza menu. The down-and-out Vagabond, meanwhile, was sporting possibly the most topical garment of all: a falling-apart sweater printed with the flag of the European Union.

Does this collection, with its upgraded level of innovation, signal Vetements’s distancing itself from its roots? Not at all. The cult hoodies and T-shirts are being kept in a continuing, more secret category of their own—adding a value-protecting aura to them, and the possibility of distributing them in ways that defy the fashion system’s rules. Meanwhile, Gvasalia notes, pieces in this runway collection which prove commerically popular will be added to the permanently available range.

Moreover, there are bigger plans afoot for the company being laid out for the long term by Demna’s younger brother and CEO Guram Gvasalia. Vetements is reportedly about to move its headquarters and design offices to Zurich in Switzerland. Whatever surprises and sociological quips come from this direction next, these brothers mean to harness the growth their disruptive strategies have generated, and create something the industry is likely to take very seriously indeed.


From those images of design of Gucci make me take curious because the texture seems to be alive as flowers and harmonies between clothes and jewellery or colours on the design are amazing. 

The shape of pineapple with shiny and bling bling fabric remind of ‘Animal Kingdom and Tropical Zungle’. 

Above the images might related to Nature like horticulture because of the shapes and details of main features. 

Gucci has a new story about their fabulous design with unique embroidery. 

Personally Gucci always shows vivid colours on fashion, jewellery, and magazine. Gucci makes a strong impression especially after Alessandro Michele took over a new principal designer. It was innovation. He had to finish his design only for 5 days and he demonstrated ‘Retro Style’, which has shown Gucci an upward tendency. On top of that Alessandro Michele has not only changed trend of Gucci, but also in the world. I am looking forward to seeing his amazing design in the future. 

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