During the second term at university, I had really amazing memories and also got stressed or pressured by a certain thing.

I needed to get rid of the feeling to refresh my mind to start the next term. So, I decided to go back home.

I have been enjoying staying home in South Korea to meet and to talk about our lives with my family and friends. It is just incredible to be with them.

I am pretty sure I will be able to more develop and focus on my project and study.


Looking forward to going back to Birmingham.

Alexander Wang is an American fashion designer and the former creative director of Balenciaga.

I am interested in jewellery design and also fashion field. Jewellery design might be a part of the fashion field. Moreover, I have worn dark-wear since when I was young.’Dark’ is slightly permeated in my fashion style. That is the reason why I always wear dark-wear.

When I had to decide a major after graduated from my high-school, I really considered on applying for fashion industry or jewellery industry for my future. However, I realised that I like adonizing myself than making patterns for clothes. So, I decided to focus on jewellery design which makes my outfit much better than without wearing any jewellery.

His fashion designs might be similar styles every collection or fashion show. But, it might be really hard to keep his own style in various styles of his fashion collections. I would like to read some articles how he expresses, creates his own style with being inspired by, and drives people around the bend to want his designs. Grabbing attention in public is an essential point to run a business, which helps the business well-known, promote their brand, build up a reputation of the company.

Basically, Alexander Wang reminds me of my future plans because I also want to be one of the established jewellery designer in the world.


COLLECTION, Alexander Wang


Fall Ready-to-wear 2017 



Fall Menswear 2017



Spring Menswear 2016



Resort Woman 2016



Resort Woman 2013




I have been struggling with the selling project. It is really really hard to find middle point to make sure everyone is happy with our business plans.

By the way, my themes are the Cubism and Jellyfish. When I was in Amsterdam, there were interesting ornaments, repeated shapes of windows, and straight lines of houses near the Canals, which reminded me of the Art Deco. At first, I thought the houses were built in the Art Deco period. But, it was not and it did not mean any Art Deco. I started researching the Art Deco. At the time, lots of painters, artists, and designers were influenced by the Art Deco and they led new art movements: Cubism, Orphism, Fauvism, etc.

On top of that, I had an amazing experience to observe any objects, it was fantastic as artist. I saw a specific object surrounding me really closely and imagined how it looked like if it is alive.

I felt like jellyfish for a while. I want to create my jewellery for selling project to combine the interesting features of the houses and my feeling in the experiences.

I have been doing on my new project for the first term. It is ‘Selling Project’.

Basically, all of us have to create our own company. There are 4 groups in our company involved in the organisers, money makers, promoters, and deal makers. Each group has to do their task following timetables that the organisers make and present.

It is quite difficult to gather information and accept any suggestions or complains. However, although this project has made me busy and argued about proposals with some classmates, I have been really enjoying for doing that.

All of us have to be inspired by our individual themes, design how to create as jewellery or objects, make as the final pieces, and sell by ourselves by communicating with our customers.

I will post more details for this project when my final piece is done.

I have not posted yet since in July this year. I had amazing summer holidays in Sheffield in the UK, Jeju Island and some tourist attractions in South Korea, Netherlands and in the city of Amsterdam.

Basically, this year, I want to focus on my university to improve my skills, knowledge of jewellery design, help me have chances to have a job in the future.

I was quite worried about how I can manage those things; part-time courses: CAD and Gemmology, and my own project from the university.

However, I have been really enjoying with my part-time courses unlike what I expected that I might not able to manage. I think I am really greedy for everything: work on my project from my university, money, food, and just anything.

I always want to do more and more to develop my skills, which is that I have to be careful because a lot of work might make me destroy or tired of doing that easily. So, this year, I need to make sure I will stick with my healthy plans, be positive to think of anything, think of me first.

Back to my university makes me feel energetic. We are doing ‘Selling Project’ for the project of term1. It is really good opportunities to organise the main important plans, communicate with each other, manage to do my own task, and share feedback from the other students.

Hope I can manage to do my work and be successful for this project!


Yesterday I checked out Chatsworth. It was absolutely amazing and fantastic. There are Garden, House, Stable shop and Restaurants for visitors. I looked around the House at the first. It took almost for 2 hours, which meant I really enjoyed having a lot of time in the house. I was inspired by a lot of paintings of the inside of walls in the house. It was by hands. It looked like sculptures and engraved wall. Moreover, there were a lot of pieces of jewellery with diamonds and specific gemstones. Especially lots of high-brands have made spectacular evening dresses, jackets, etc… 

I would love to be a jewellery designer for jewellery to create a special piece of jewellery for the family. 

I do not mind coming again for enjoying my time in Chatsworth. I am looking forward to getting here.

On top of that I love the garden even if I dreally hate bugs….. It was so awesome and made me feel refresh. 

Those photos from on way to go to the entrance to get the House. 

Regarding to the jewellery and fashion design, there are some images. 

I am myself keen on styling and wearing dark-wear. I get used to having lots of black clothes since I was a little girl because my mother who she has always dressed me up dark clothes. I found Gothic fashion to improve a sense of my fashion.

Gothic fashion is defined that is a clothing style marked by conspicuously dark, antiquated and homogeneous features. It is worn by members of the Goth subculture. A dark, sometimes morbid fashion and style of dress, Typical gothic fashion includes a pale complexion with coloured black hair, black lips and black clothes from Wikipedia.

Figure 1. Examples of Goth subculture from google image

I tried to seek the sense of my fashion out by researching, buying, and learning fashion and trend. Rick Owens is my muse in my life. Although I look at his fashion shows, products, design clothes, and sometimes wear his design shoes, I found I am excited to wear it and look at his stories.

Richard Saturnino Owens (born November 18, 1962), known as Rick Owens, is an American fashion designer from Porterville, California. Owens was raised in Porterville, California. Upon reaching adulthood and graduating high school, he moved to Los Angeles. Owens studied fashion design at Otis College of Art and Design, in Los Angeles, for two years before dropping out and taking pattern-making and draping courses at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, leading to work in the garment industry doing knock-offs of designer clothing. During this time, Owens wore a daily uniform consisting of ‘tight black jeans, black platforms, a black T-shirt and a leather jacket’.


Figure 2. The main image of the website

From the website, I watched a video of MASTODON FW16 for women, which is really scary at the beginning. However, I have been addicted to the concept and atmosphere. The models walked really fast and powerful in his show.


Figure 3. Images of his collections

The harmonies between the styles and colours seemingly remind me of an empty place where people dumped and ignored and the place becomes an untouched and more precious place for someone.

On top of that, he also designed furniture which also has his own style.

Figure 4. Images of Carpenters Workshop Gallery



Today, I and Charlie wanted to do something special in Birmingham not just staying at home or just going to the same pubs. We decided to go for a walk and searched any parks in Birmingham. We found Aston Hall which is a magnificent seventeenth-century red-brick mansion situated in a picturesque public park on the north side of Birmingham.
Moreover, according to a website of birminghammuseums, it also mentions the Hall was built between 1618 and 1635 for Sir Thomas Holte and home to James Watt Junior from 1817-1848, Aston Hall is steeped in history.

On top of that, everything in Aston Hall is amazing, spectacular, and awesome to imagine how they lived or had time in the big house. Especially I really liked the gallery and ceilling. It was a good opportunity to take a look around.

A few days ago, I went to the Winterbourne garden and house in Birmingham.

I think it is smaller than the Botanic Garden in Birmingham where I visited and posted about it in the past. However, it was really spectacular because there is really a range of specific plants and cacti. I should have come here to research for the last project because I focused on cacti. Moreover, I took a look around the house where Margaret and John Nettlefold used to live with the fabulous garden and learnt how they lived and led the garden to be untouched and fabulous.

Basically, according to the website of Winterbourne is one of the best surviving examples of an Edwardian Arts and Crafts suburban villa garden in Birmingham. The garden was lovingly created by the homeowners, Margaret and John Nettlefold, using the books of Gertrude Jekyll as guides and inspiration.


On top of that John Nettlefold and his wife had already lived in two homes as man and wife before they commissioned J L Ball to design Winterbourne. It was to be their most beloved family home, but also the final place they would share together. When the family sold up in 1919, it was to move nearer to John’s hospital where he spent his final years.



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