My heroes: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is an American fashion designer and the former creative director of Balenciaga.

I am interested in jewellery design and also fashion field. Jewellery design might be a part of the fashion field. Moreover, I have worn dark-wear since when I was young.’Dark’ is slightly permeated in my fashion style. That is the reason why I always wear dark-wear.

When I had to decide a major after graduated from my high-school, I really considered on applying for fashion industry or jewellery industry for my future. However, I realised that I like adonizing myself than making patterns for clothes. So, I decided to focus on jewellery design which makes my outfit much better than without wearing any jewellery.

His fashion designs might be similar styles every collection or fashion show. But, it might be really hard to keep his own style in various styles of his fashion collections. I would like to read some articles how he expresses, creates his own style with being inspired by, and drives people around the bend to want his designs. Grabbing attention in public is an essential point to run a business, which helps the business well-known, promote their brand, build up a reputation of the company.

Basically, Alexander Wang reminds me of my future plans because I also want to be one of the established jewellery designer in the world.


COLLECTION, Alexander Wang


Fall Ready-to-wear 2017 



Fall Menswear 2017



Spring Menswear 2016



Resort Woman 2016



Resort Woman 2013


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