Term 1: Selling project

I have been struggling with the selling project. It is really really hard to find middle point to make sure everyone is happy with our business plans.

By the way, my themes are the Cubism and Jellyfish. When I was in Amsterdam, there were interesting ornaments, repeated shapes of windows, and straight lines of houses near the Canals, which reminded me of the Art Deco. At first, I thought the houses were built in the Art Deco period. But, it was not and it did not mean any Art Deco. I started researching the Art Deco. At the time, lots of painters, artists, and designers were influenced by the Art Deco and they led new art movements: Cubism, Orphism, Fauvism, etc.

On top of that, I had an amazing experience to observe any objects, it was fantastic as artist. I saw a specific object surrounding me really closely and imagined how it looked like if it is alive.

I felt like jellyfish for a while. I want to create my jewellery for selling project to combine the interesting features of the houses and my feeling in the experiences.

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