Back to my uni life

I have not posted yet since in July this year. I had amazing summer holidays in Sheffield in the UK, Jeju Island and some tourist attractions in South Korea, Netherlands and in the city of Amsterdam.

Basically, this year, I want to focus on my university to improve my skills, knowledge of jewellery design, help me have chances to have a job in the future.

I was quite worried about how I can manage those things; part-time courses: CAD and Gemmology, and my own project from the university.

However, I have been really enjoying with my part-time courses unlike what I expected that I might not able to manage. I think I am really greedy for everything: work on my project from my university, money, food, and just anything.

I always want to do more and more to develop my skills, which is that I have to be careful because a lot of work might make me destroy or tired of doing that easily. So, this year, I need to make sure I will stick with my healthy plans, be positive to think of anything, think of me first.

Back to my university makes me feel energetic. We are doing ‘Selling Project’ for the project of term1. It is really good opportunities to organise the main important plans, communicate with each other, manage to do my own task, and share feedback from the other students.

Hope I can manage to do my work and be successful for this project!


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