Yesterday I checked out Chatsworth. It was absolutely amazing and fantastic. There are Garden, House, Stable shop and Restaurants for visitors. I looked around the House at the first. It took almost for 2 hours, which meant I really enjoyed having a lot of time in the house. I was inspired by a lot of paintings of the inside of walls in the house. It was by hands. It looked like sculptures and engraved wall. Moreover, there were a lot of pieces of jewellery with diamonds and specific gemstones. Especially lots of high-brands have made spectacular evening dresses, jackets, etc… 

I would love to be a jewellery designer for jewellery to create a special piece of jewellery for the family. 

I do not mind coming again for enjoying my time in Chatsworth. I am looking forward to getting here.

On top of that I love the garden even if I dreally hate bugs….. It was so awesome and made me feel refresh. 

Those photos from on way to go to the entrance to get the House. 

Regarding to the jewellery and fashion design, there are some images. 

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