A few days ago, I went to the Winterbourne garden and house in Birmingham.

I think it is smaller than the Botanic Garden in Birmingham where I visited and posted about it in the past. However, it was really spectacular because there is really a range of specific plants and cacti. I should have come here to research for the last project because I focused on cacti. Moreover, I took a look around the house where Margaret and John Nettlefold used to live with the fabulous garden and learnt how they lived and led the garden to be untouched and fabulous.

Basically, according to the website of Winterbourne is one of the best surviving examples of an Edwardian Arts and Crafts suburban villa garden in Birmingham. The garden was lovingly created by the homeowners, Margaret and John Nettlefold, using the books of Gertrude Jekyll as guides and inspiration.


On top of that John Nettlefold and his wife had already lived in two homes as man and wife before they commissioned J L Ball to design Winterbourne. It was to be their most beloved family home, but also the final place they would share together. When the family sold up in 1919, it was to move nearer to John’s hospital where he spent his final years.



You can find the information below this sentence.


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